GCA supports the importance of decoding in teaching children to read. However, at this stage, besides building up the good habit of reading we believe that understanding, thinking critically about the content, using their imagination, and making connections is at the heart of what it means to be a reader. Listening Centre is a place where your children would hear models of fluent reading. They would benefit listening to an accurate reading of the text set at an appropriate pace with plenty of expression. GCA provide the exposure to models of fluent reading that would have a positive impact on children’s oral reading fluency.

We also support you and your child’s at-home reading The bond developed between you and your child during reading time will last forever in their heart.

In October we will be distributing our reading log for you to fill. By the end of semester, we have an award ceremony where we will have activities such as giving medals to your child. We hope you would utilize this reading log and fill it together with your child.